We stand behind our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you ever receive anything from our company that is defective in workmanship or different in specifications from what you ordered, we will replace that product free of charge.  Although we run spell check on every order as part of our multi stage internal quality control procedures, please bear in mind that we cannot take responsibility for words you misspell and/or improper grammar you used when ordering personalized products.



We love our customers, so please read all terms and conditions carefully before using this website, just so there won’t be any misunderstandings. We just want to make sure that you are 100% Satisfied with all of our services so when people ask you where you got your signs, you won’t mind telling them about KC Metal Worx.



By accessing and using this website in any way, including but not limited to, browsing the website, using any information, using any content, using any services, downloading any materials and/or placing an order for products or services, you agree to and are bound by the terms of use described in this document. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions contained herein, please do not use this website in any manner. We don’t want you to be unhappy!



You agree that KC Metal Worx, LLC guarantees the products it fabricates and sells are free from manufacturing defects and as such will be good for 12 months after the products pickup/delivery/shipping date or the products installation date when installed by KC Metal Worx unless the guarantee time period for the product is stated otherwise. If the product fails or breaks due to a manufacturing defect during that time, you agree to take a photograph of the failed or broken product and send or deliver the photograph or the original failed or broken product to KC Metal Worx. Upon receipt of the product or the photograph, KC Metal Worx re-fabricate will send a replacement of the product for the failed or broken product(s) as KC Metal Worx deems appropriate.  Request a Return Authorization Number (RAN) by calling (816) 406-1919 prior to returning products that have a manufacturing defects.  Address correspondence and ship products being returned prepaid and insured to KC Metal Worx, 1012 Woodswether Road, Kansas City, MO 64105.



We have prepared this sales tax policy statement to explain to you when and why we collect sales tax on your purchases.   Even if we do not collect sales tax from you, you may owe sales tax on your purchase. Unless you live in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon, your state most likely requires purchasers to report and pay tax on all purchases that are not taxed at the time of sale. The tax may be reported and paid on your individual income tax return or by filing a consumer use tax return. For more information, please visit your state’s department of revenue website.  KC Metal Worx collects sate tax in states where we have physical presence (or nexus), including Kansas, and Missouri. KC METAL WORX DOES NOT COLLECT SALES TAX in any state NOT listed above because KC Metal Worx is not required to collect sales or use tax in these states.  For our tax-exempt customers:  KC Metal Worx does not collect sales tax  if we have your exemption certificate on file.



Due to the custom nature of the signs offered and the fact that we cannot put custom signs produced in our shop back into inventory to resell to another customer, it is understood that we are unable to offer any refunds or credits for any products. You agree that all sales are final. It is entirely your responsibility as the client, to determine the applicability and/or fitness of any purchases made.  You, the customer, agrees that your approval and authorization for fabrication of the final product rendering and the accompanying specifications that may include, though not limited to, dimensions, mounting methods, finishes, textures, materials used, color selections, typography and wording serves as the final proof and layout for your custom sign.



We are happy to accept returns on non-personalized signs, non-modified stock signs and sign accessories, that are not custom made. Sign accessories, non-personalized signs and non-modified stock signs would be any items other than your custom sign.   If you need to return a stock or non-personalized sign or sign accessories call (816) 406-1919 or stop by KC Metal Worx, 1012 Woodswether Road, Kansas City, MO 64105.  You may receive a complete refund or exchange for merchandise of equal value within 60 days of the pickup/delivery date if merchandise is accompanied with the original or a copy of the original purchase receipt.  After 60 days past the pickup/delivery date, may only be exchanged for merchandise of up to or equal value of the order.  To be eligible for a refund or exchange merchandise must be in like new conditions free of scratches, blemishes, dents, markings, discoloration and damaged of any kind.  Accessories, if any, all must be returned with the merchandise and be in the same like new condition as outlined above.  If purchased with a check or with cash a check can be issued within 10 business days from the date of return.  If purchased with a credit card or a debit card the refund will be processed within 10 business days from the date of the return onto the same credit card or debit card used to make the original purchase.  Typically credit card and debit card return transactions take 10-20 days to be processed by the issuing card company before appearing on the customer’s statement.  Non-personalized signs, non-modified stock signs and sign accessories, that are not custom made and returned without a valid receipt may be exchanged for merchandise only, with an exchange dollar value equal to the lowest sale or promotional price publicly offered on the identical merchandise during the past 120 calendar days calculated from the date of the return.  To be eligible for an exchange without a valid receipt merchandise must be in like new conditions free of scratches, blemishes, dents, markings, discoloration and damaged of any kind.  Accessories, if any, all must be returned with the merchandise and be in the same like new condition as outlined above.   Refunds, credits or exchanges requested without all accessories in the condition as outlined present at the time of the refund, credit or exchange.  Shipping fees paid and deliveries fees paid are non-refundable.  Shipping fees to return items is the responsibility of the purchaser.

KC Metal Worx provides many opportunities to review, revise and cancel the order process before actually placing your order.  You agree that you have reviewed your order and that no further additions, corrections or changes need to be made and that your order is final as is.   Following submission of your order if a change is necessary in product, quantity or the scheduled pickup/delivery/installation date contact KC Metal Worx, LLC at (816) 604-1919.  Please have your order number available when calling.  Changes requested by you for a custom order you have already placed but has not been picked up, delivered or installed by KC Metal Worx, LLC, either personalized or non-personalized, after your order has begun fabrication may incur additional fees up to the original full price paid at the time you placed the order.  When calling KC Metal Worx to submit a change to your order a revised invoice will be created showing the changes requested, adjustments to the cost if any, credit towards the order if any, amount due if any and a revised pickup, delivery, shipping or installation date if applicable.  If an additional amount is due resultant of the changes you have requested that amount must be paid in full prior to resuming or completing fabrication.



Purchasers credit/debit card statement will reflect charges from KC Metal Worx.   Purchasing transactions are submitted and processed for the stated amount when an online, telephone or in-person order is submitted regardless of the scheduled, stated or selected pickup/delivery date.  Purchaser will receive a printed copy of the transaction or an email copy of the transaction if a valid email address if provided at the time of the transaction.  Duplicate copies of the purchase and/or credit/debit card transaction available upon originals purchasers request.



You agree that all products produced and sold by KC Metal Worx are for novelty purposes only. KC Metal Worx does not make any claims about the legal compliance or registration of signs or any other products sold by KC Metal Worx or by a KC Metal Worx affiliate. You agree to check with any applicable legal authority for the standards, rules and regulations governing the types of signs or other products permitted for your particular use.



KC Metal Worx sells its products through an E-Commerce Web Site viewable by computers connected to the Internet. These computers may view KC Metal Worx products solely through their computer screens (“Monitors”).  Monitors may be configured to display images and colors in a variety of ways, both through the use of hardware setup and software setup. There are many possible settings for Monitors and there is no true uniform standard to which all Monitors conform. What may look one way on one monitor, will look different on another.  Further, computer monitors display images with light and use a standard known as RGB to do so. KC Metal Worx produces products in a variety of ways that do not use light.  As such, you agree that KC Metal Worx does not guarantee that the colors as they appear on the screen will look the same as the colors as they appear on the purchased product.



All disputes arising out of, relating to or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the KCMetalWorx.com Service will be exclusively resolved under confidential binding arbitration held in Johnson County, Missouri before and in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, by a sole arbitrator applying Missouri law (without regard for conflicts of law principles). The arbitrator’s award will be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no arbitration under these Terms of Sale will be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to these Terms of Sale, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise. Any action to enforce an arbitrator’s award will be brought in a federal or state court located in Johnson County, Missouri. Each party hereby irrevocably submits to the personal jurisdiction of the Federal and Missouri State courts in Johnson County. By agreeing that arbitration is the exclusive remedy, you are waiving your right to sue KC Metal Worx in a court of law or have a jury resolve any dispute that arises out of, relates to or is connected with these TOS or your use of any part of the KCMetalWorx.com Service. You understand that you are waiving your right to a jury trial voluntarily and knowingly, and free from duress or coercion. By entering into these Terms of Sale, you hereby irrevocably waive any right you may have to join claims with those of others in the form of a class action or similar procedural device. Any claim arising out of, relating to or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the KCMetalWorx.com Service must be asserted individually. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section, KC Metal Worx may seek equitable relief, including, without limitation, injunctive relief and specific performance, without the requirement of posting a bond or other security or proving money damages are insufficient, from a court of competent jurisdiction.