About the artisan…

Having been born into a bloodline of artistic passion and talents, it was inevitable that one day I’d express those gifts. From my great grandfather, Giovanni Guiliante, a renowned Italian sculptor who was known for his distinctive insight into the materials he used, to my mother whose graceful hands produced some truly inspiring works on canvas. I inherited the urge to be unique and creative.

My modern mechanical aptitude seems to have directed me into a genre of sculpting and expressing dimensional flat work. I now create abstract portraits of design, sculpted from metal which is constructed to capture the colors from its surroundings and the imagination of those who view.

From creating out of my garage a few years ago, I transitioned into a quaint studio in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas.   As word of the uniqueness of my works circulated, I again out grew my studio.  Today I have two locations.  KC Metal Worx, a design studio and fabrication site centrally located in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Missouri and an art gallery in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas.  The gallery “Bella Metallo” is appropriately named as it’s Italian translation is “Beautiful Metal”.